White Collar Defense and Securities

Cohne Kinghorn P.C. has significant experience in the full range of legal services required by individuals and companies facing regulatory or law enforcement issues. We provide comprehensive services to individuals and organizations, managing matters from the investigation stage through the grand jury process, trial, and, if necessary, appeal and collateral proceedings. Our approach to these matters is holistic and multi-disciplinary, understanding that civil and criminal investigations affect each other, and that dispositions require “global” resolution of regulatory and criminal disputes.

Our goal is to avoid initiation of formal regulatory investigations and criminal charges. Where this is not possible, we endeavor to resolve the matter as quickly, quietly, and inexpensively as possible. When client companies or individuals are under active investigation or have been charged by law enforcement or regulatory agencies, we work tirelessly to navigate the often complicated and interwoven legal, business, and other issues at hand. We work to prevent charges from being brought, negotiate favorable resolutions and, in those rare occasions when there is simply no other way, we provide a vigorous defense at trial.

White Collar Defense and Securities Attorneys