Family Law · Custody · Adoption

The Family Law Department of Cohne, Rappaport & Segal handles all aspects of domestic relations, working side by side with our clients to help them determine, then achieve their goals.

Pre-nuptial Agreements:  We help clients prepare and negotiate premarital agreements.

Divorce:  We assist clients regarding financial and asset valuation questions, working in conjunction with appropriate experts to fully develop the valuation of assets and analysis of cash flows to determine actual assets and income available for distribution.

Alimony and Child Support:  We develop the strongest possible pictures for determining support of both spouses (alimony or maintenance) and children, particularly in those cases where the income exceeds the Utah Child Support Guidelines.

Custody:  We work with appropriate professionals to assist clients in determining what is best for themselves and their children and effect those results in negotiations or court, whether it be joint custody, split custody or sole custody, and help establish access that is appropriate for the individual parent and children.

Adoptions:  The Family Law Department represents clients in guardianships and adoptions.

Mediation:  Where mediation is desired or required by statute or court rule, we prepare our clients for the process by securing and organizing materials as well as assisting in the process.

Appeals:  We also process appeals when necessary.

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