Appellate Practice

When it comes to the art of advocacy, an appeal is the ultimate crucible.

Even though the case has been decided once, the sufficiency of the evidence is tested and the legal theories are scrutinized anew.  After the final judgment is entered it’s too late to supplement the record, proceed on an alternative legal theory or raise a constitutional question.  The best practice is to have your appellate advocacy begin with the onset of litigation, not when the trial is over.

The lawyers at Cohne Kinghorn P.C. specializing in appellate practice are experienced trial lawyers who can fully integrate cost-effective litigation strategies with the need to present a bullet-proof record based on a sound legal foundation to ensure your best chances of prevailing on appeal, regardless of the outcome in the trial court.

Even before the appeal is filed, our lawyers can work with your trial counsel to assist in laying the groundwork for an anticipated appeal:

  • Analyzing the theory of the case;
  • Framing the pleadings;
  • Drafting dispositive motions;
  • Preparing jury instructions;
  • Preserving legal issues for review;
  • Assuring excluded evidence is “in the record”; and,
  • Arguing post-trial motions.

Whether you retain our services before or after trial, our exceptional communication skills and stellar legal scholarship ensure briefs and oral arguments are concise, compelling and convincing.

Among the lawyers in our Appellate Practice Group we have a former staff attorney for the Utah Court of Appeals and a former law clerk to the Nebraska Supreme Court.  The members of our Appellate Practice Group collectively have worked on hundreds of appeals involving nearly every substantive area of the law.

Appellate Practice Attorneys